Placing photographs and videos on the site is time consuming. To assist us in performing this task please observe the following.


You may place your video on a CD or memory stick and pass it to a committee member for placement on the site.

Alternatively you can place your video on UTube or similar and send us the link and we will embed the video from where you have placed it on the net – if this is allowed by the site provider of the video service you have placed the video on.


ALL photographs need to be resized to 800 by 600 pixels before submitting – this reduces the sizes of the images to something more reasonable. This ensures the actual size of the file is small enough to reduce the work load on our website.

Single photographs can be uploaded via our comments page.

Multiple photographs need to be sent as a group to the website administrator via email.

To do this you will need to resize all your photographs and place them into a single zip file. Microsoft Windows users will need to consult the help feature within Windows (press the F1 key) if they are unsure how to do this.

You wil then need to send yourphoto’s via normal email to the website administrator. You may contact the website administrator here so this can be arranged.