Advertising on the New Meadow Street Labour Club -Sports and Social WebsiteOur site is under continual development and as part of this process we are delighted to accept advertisers requests for placement on this site.

We have already received a number of requests and these are currently being processed. Placing an advert on a local website is advantageous, by positioning your local business in front of your local community.

How Do I Advertise My Business On This Website?

Our advertising space became active in June 2012. Anyone wishing to advertise on our site can do so and prices will be supplied on application. Please contact Graham Robinson for details via our contact form by clicking here. It isn’t expensive and gets your business name in front of your local community.

Advertising space is available between two sizes, 210 x 210 pixels and 210 x 105 pixels (height x width). You may supply the artwork yourself or we can assemble the artwork for you.

Below, is an example. The maximum height is 210 pixels but anything between 105 and 210 pixels is fine.

These sizes are subject to change at the committees discretion and from time to time (annually or quarterly) as requirements dictate. In addition you also get a page to highlight your business and the services it provides.

Advert Size 210 by 210 on Website for New Meadow Street Labour Club